Thursday, December 29, 2016

Keep Fighting, Michael

Photo: Sky Sports
Has it really been three years since Michael Schumacher's life-changing skiing accident?

Yes, it has, and there's still virtually no update on his condition. Schumacher was skiing with his son, Mick, when he crashed and hit his head on a rock, resulting in a traumatic brain injury. The impact was hard enough to crack Schumacher's helmet, but the fact that he was wearing one likely saved his life.

On the one-year anniversary of the accident, released a timeline of news and updates since the tragedy. Since then, however, updates have become increasingly sparse, with Schumacher's family keeping his condition a private matter as much as is earthly possible in this day and age. The most recent news regarding Schumacher is his family's launch of the Keep Fighting initiative, which "aims to unite the people who are inspired by the career and character of Michael Schumacher, and to encourage them to keep fighting and never give up."

It's hard to believe that Schumacher drove in Formula One for two decades and, in the words of Luca di Montezemolo, "a ski accident has broken him." Personally, I wish him nothing but the best and hope we can see him back in the Formula One paddock soon. On that note, Mick himself may be a more common sight in the paddock soon. He's climbing up the single-seater ladder quite quickly and will be racing in European Formula Three next year.

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