Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Photo: Atlanta Motor Speedway
It's January, which means it's arguably the slowest month in terms of motorsport news. All the major series are off and most of the silly season pieces have fallen into place.

There was, however, some news in the NASCAR world today: Atlanta Motor Speedway is getting a repave. That's not too surprising, given that the last repave was in 1997, making it the second-oldest racing surface in NASCAR. What may be surprising to some folks is that AMS is actually one of NASCAR's fastest tracks, and has been ever since the 1997 reconfiguration and repave.

With this news, the track is almost sure to see increased speeds in 2018 (the project will begin after the March 2017 NASCAR races take place). Still, it's in great shape considering the pavement turns twenty this year. The linked article in the above paragraph notes that the mild winters in Georgia and a high-maintinence program certainly don't hurt.

On a side note, school has started back up for me. So don't be surprised if the blog goes a couple of days without being updated here or there, or if the entries are mostly on the shorter side (like this one).

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